A letter from your new home

Hi. How are you?

I heard a “ding-ding” and I thought it might have been you coming to visit me. It must have been the sound of the trolley rolling by outside, taking passengers to shop downtown or maybe to a restaurant. Perhaps they were going to see a concert or a game at Rupp Arena. It’s nice to be delivered almost at your seats prior to tipoff without having to pay a fortune for parking only to then be forced to lumber block after block – especially during the middle of winter.

Yes, when I think about it the call of the trolley is the only sound I can hear. It’s kind of amazing, isn’t it? I’m on the edge of downtown Lexington – not only the heart of this region, but arguably the epicenter of the entire state – and the only sound that makes it through my walls is that gentle “ding-ding.” It gets me excited each time thinking about the possibilities it regularly delivers.

Sometimes I take for granted everything just outside my doors, that a metropolitan world is waiting and it’s only footsteps away. I can clearly see that world through my large windows; with views looking up pristine Woodland Avenue toward one of the great districts in Lexington and a world-class University. Then I can turn my gaze westward to watch cars, bicycles and people casually making their way on Main Street from my living room. And I can enjoy it all while basking in the glow of the natural sunlight being on a top floor provides – or even moonlight, for that matter. Have you ever seen the sunset from the comfort of your sofa while looking down Main Street in Lexington or the night sky lit up by a full moon? Trust me – it’s breathtaking.

I guess I get so caught up with what I have right here that I forget about the world around me. I know that sounds selfish, but who can blame me? From the moment drivers bring their cars to rest in my secure parking shelter they start to sense that, as well.

Maybe it’s the stroll through my courtyard toward my entrances that does it. It delivers a sense of being out of town thanks to its well-manicured lawn and bevy of flowerbeds, as well as the fact it’s tucked away in a corner of the building to create its own little utopia. Al fresco dining and many favorite beverages have been enjoyed out there with little more than a gentle breeze or birds chirping as background music. It’s especially majestic during the fall – the colors give it a seasonal feel like nowhere else in the city.

That disconnect from the outside world continues once you’re inside my walls, even when you’re stationed in my ground-level tea room with panoramic views of Main Street and Woodland Avenue. It really is a perfect place to socialize with a small group of friends or when you simply want to allow yourself to be absorbed into a good book.

Not that I just lay around, mind you. The workout facility in my basement offers an opportunity to remain in tip-top shape without having to deal with a jaunt to the gym. Oh, and the downstairs gathering room with theater-like amenities and wet bar don’t hurt, either. Unwinding is a must after a hard day no matter if that meant a hard day at work or a hard day (or night) of play.

Still there are things that have to be done. Groceries must be put away (which is made easier thanks to the immaculate elevator and grand staircase that comes to my floor) and the garbage, as well. But taking out the trash is no problem thanks to having appropriate disposal facilities just down the hall. Oh, even that big pile of laundry will be knocked out in no time thanks to the modern laundry facilities tucked away just down that same hall.

I can cook at home – I have everything I need from updated appliances to easily cleaned granite countertops. But I do love those trips down the block to the local bakery, or diner, or wine shop, or pizza place … well, you get the idea. Everything I could ever need is a short walk away.

Still there’s no place like home (cliché, I know). There’s just something about the marble floors in my kitchen and the antique hardwood running throughout the rest of me that just screams comfort, coziness and class even to visitors. And, please, don’t get me started about my chandeliers or walk-in closet / dressing room / office (it can be any or all of those things).

There really is nothing like me in all of Lexington. You’d have to visit long-distance cousins in a metropolis such as New York, Chicago or Boston to find anything comparable, because I really do have it all. Well I have almost everything.

I don’t have you.

Maybe you’ll park your car in my parking shelter, take the walk I described and ride that smooth elevator up to see me. Or perhaps the next time that trolley softly signals its presence it will also announce you’ve arrived.

No matter how you arrive, just please visit me. I know it will be love at first sight.

Patiently waiting for you to come home,

Suite 410

Wellington Arms

508 East Main Street

Downtown Lexington, Kentucky